Qualified Brain Injury Support Provider

Education with mentorship to enhance care

Our Mission

The mission of the QBISP program is to improve the lives of persons with neurobehavioral challenges by providing direct care staff with practical skills, and by training supervisors to use a model for daily mentorship that reinforces these skills.


The program advances this mission through a live and interactive two-day Basic Course and a one-day intensive Supervisor Course.


  • Reduce behavioral incidents
  • Improve direct care
  • Practice therapeutic thinking & effective intervention
  • Learn to manage your emotions & remain focused on care


  • Improve staff morale & retention
  • Help staff maintain therapeutic rapport when their “buttons” are being pushed
  • Build a positive & effective team
  • Use effective mentorship

QBISP Training Programs

Provides practical education to direct care staff that is supported by daily mentorship by their supervisors to enhance care for persons with behavioral challenges. Our mission is embraced through the following: 

Basic Course

Interactive in-person teaching format that encourages discussion of familiar cases and a de-emphasis fact memorization

Practical Skill Acquisition 

Applying the acquired skills to the work place setting through role-playing

Training Modules

A method to think therapeutically and intervene effectively when “your buttons are being pushed”

Multiple Evaluations

In-class review to reinforce learning and reduce test anxiety often associated a “final examination” 

Supervisor Course

Helps the supervisor create a workplace culture that reinforces the lessons and methods learned in the Basic staff training 

Train-the-Trainer Course

4-day workshop to further assist in the execution and reinforcement of both the Basic and Supervisor courses